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Black Forest panorama route

Route panoramique
de la Forêt- Noire

Of the various touring routes the Black Forest-panorama-route is a tip worth taking. This stretch of country from Waldkirch to Hinterzarten, with the ascent to Kandel and St. Peter, St. Märgen, Thurner, Hinterzarten, is without
exageration the most beautiful in the whole of the Black Forest. Nowhere else do you find such wide-sweeping views.
You cannot claim to know the Black forest if you have not travelled this route - and yet it is relatively little known.  
"Hardly any other road can offer such a magnificent panorama over the heights to the Black Forest, into the Rhine valley and beyond to the Vosges and the Alps.  
There are any number of spots for you to make a break either briefly or for a longer stay - restful or active, as you wish, in attractive country inns or in choice hotels with swimming pools.
  There are buildings for historical interest and beauty, museums, old farms, fine footpaths of every conceivable length for tough or gentle walking and in winter excellent tracks for cross-country skiing and many ski-lifts.
Visit the Hexenlochmühle.
The route takes you straight through towns and villages with interesting traditions, original costumes, old crafts and trades typical of the area; all webbed in sagas, folk-songs, music and art.

From the building of barrel-organs and cutting of precious stones in Waldkirch to the secular architecture and beautiful Black Forest costumes of St. Peter and St. Märgen and the choiceness of a resort like Hinterzarten.

The majestic Kandel mountain is a further jewel - with its Kandel-hotelnd the hang-gliders' starting ramp, at the crossing for innumerable footpaths.

There are sights and events of interest throughout the year. Concerts in Hinterzarten, St. Peter and Waldkirch draw hundreds of visitors each year.

You will soon realize that this route "has it all", and that, all the year round, it is well worth taking time to see.

Stay here for a few days or for the whole of your holiday.

This route can be experienced and enjoyed whether you explore it on foot, by car, by bus or on a bike, on the road itself or on the footpaths that surrond it.



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